Why Are My Car Speakers So Quiet

Why Are My Car Speakers So Quiet?

Why Are My Car Speakers So Quiet? If you are in trouble because your speakers are quiet or emit the least sound and are getting quieter as you increase the volume of your Stereo, then you are definitely not relishing your Ride as you are not able to listen to the Music on your Favorite Beats.

Now without wasting any time, I’ll simply jump to the point that, Why are my car Speakers so Quiet? 

In which first of all, I’ll tell you almost all possible Problems, then their Reasons, and at the end, every possible solution.

Possiblities of Why Are My Car Speakers So Quiet?

Possible Problems or Questions:

  • Your Rear or Front Speakers are quiet?
  • If they are blown?
  • They are Lack of Bass, and you are not enjoying your Ride?
  • There is a Distortion in your Speakers less or more?
  • Your Radio or Head Unit is getting over-heated?
  • You have not separate wiring for the rear and front Speakers from the Amplifier? 

 Possible Reasons Behind Your Problems:

  • First of all, if Rear Speakers are quiet, check the Audio settings if these are set to Front Speakers. If not, then go for the second Reason.
  • Maybe they are Mid-range Speakers, and due to more Watts given, they are blown off. 
  • Maybe the Rear Amplifier is not working correctly, which could be a part of the Radio or Head Unit itself.
  • The Reason behind Distortion and Over-Heating could be the wires which are maybe Pinched or if the Speakers are Underpowered, which means that they are not getting enough power to operate.
  • And if you have no separate wiring for Front and Rear Speakers, then they are definitely not getting enough power.

We are not finished yet because without giving a solution, a conversation is incomplete and unworthy. So, now I’m going to tell you the answer to your problems.

Feasible Solution to your Problems:

  • First of all, check your Radio and make sure that it is working fine if you’re thinking about replacing Speakers. 
  • After that, check all the Fuses, and if there is a separate Amplifier, it has its own Fuse that could have been blown off. So, simply change the Fuse.
  • If you have a spare Speaker, you can check if your Speaker’s wiring is not pinched or broken. And you will get to see what sort of sound is coming out of your Spare Speaker, and by this act, you will come to know that if your Speakers are blown or your wiring is gone.
  • Distortion and over-heating are due to the wiring problem most probably.
  • And at the end, if you have a lack of Bass, try to get a 4-channel Amplifier, but its RMS should be the same as of your Speakers are designed for.
  • And give them separate wiring to each of the Speaker to get enough power to operate and give you some relish efficiently.

What is RMS & Peak Wattage?

RMS stands for Root Mean Square, and it refers to how much power a speaker can handle.

For example:

     A Speaker with a 40W RMS rating(Wattage) but a peak rating of 80W means as the Speaker can comfortably operate with 40W continuous power and can often bang up to 80W.

So, this means as RMS is the continuous power on which a speaker can easily be functional, whereas peak rating is the power up to which the Speaker can burst occasionally.

If you want to replace your Factory fitted Speakers:

YouTube video


Traveling seems to be impossible these days without a proper Car Stereo System as people need to listen to it not just for our body but for our Soul to Relish themselves. The question was “why are my car speakers so quiet?”

Hope you have find the Problem, a reason behind it, and in the end, the solutions given by us worked for you.


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