How To Turn Car Speakers Into Home Speakers?

How to turn Car Speakers Into Home Speakers?

You need to know how to turn Car Speakers into Home Speakers? Because Sometimes we want to replace the Car Speakers and also need Speakers for Home Theater.

First of all, I would like to tell you that if you can use your Car Speakers in your Home theater so the answer to such a question is “Yes” you can use Car Speakers in your Home Theater.

How to turn Car Speakers Into Home Speakers?

People usually don’t want to dispose of their Speakers; rather, they want to make them according to their Home Theater. It can be quite tricky if you have no prior knowledge about Speakers. But I’ll try my best to teach you in the easiest possible manner.

On the first hand, you need to examine the Amplifier ratings and Speaker ratings.

1) Check the Impedance

Impedance is how much the current resisted by the Speakers. The lower the impedance in ohms, the more power the Speakers will draw from your Reciever. 

Mostly Car Speakers are rated 4 ohms whereas Home Speakers rated as 8 ohms. This means that you cannot connect your Speakers to Home Speaker’s Amplifier; otherwise, they will get damaged. In this condition, you need to connect the speakers in series. 

Speakers in Series

 How to connect Speakers in series? Let’s presume you have two Speakers named as A and B. Connect the positive Input wire (red-colored) to the Speaker A positive terminal. Then connect the negative wire (black colored) from the negative terminal of Speaker A to the Positive terminal of Speaker B.

Now, move on and connect the negative input wire(black colored) on the negative terminal of Speaker B. Now you got your Speakers in series.

Total impedance values = Adding individual values (connected in series)

This means that if you have 2 speakers of each 4 ohms, then the impedance will add up to 8 ohms, and the load generated will drive the Speakers great.

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2) Right Amplifier

Now you need to find a suitable Amplifier for your Car Speakers before placing them into your Home Theater. An Amplifier which can provide appropriate power to the Speakers.

Simply, Amplifier should support Speakers with an impedance of 4 ohms to 16 ohms. Since your Car Speakers are 4ohms, they’ll demand more power from Amplifier.

An Amplifier may have ratings of 4 to 8 ohms, which is a theoretical thing the real impedance will fluctuate according to frequency. It’ll be wise to get an Amplifier that will support more than the Speaker ratings and give appropriate power.

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3) Perfect Speaker Enclosure

For the appropriate working of Speakers, the perfect choice of the enclosure is vital i.e., if the impedance of Speakers is 4 ohms. The Speaker enclosure of 15 to 20 liters would be sufficient. And 30 to 40 liters would be better for 8 ohms Speakers.

 Types of Enclosure:

  • Sealed Enclosure
  • Bipole Speaker Enclosure

Sealed Enclosure

It is referred to as an acoustic suspension enclosure, and in this enclosure, the back wave doesn’t counteract with the front wave as it is trapped in the box.

The sealed enclosure is the most popular and most accessible enclosure to make but is the least efficient enclosure type as it wastes the entire back waves.

They are good at cone control and frequency response, which ultimately provides good sound production. Therefore, you can consider this type of enclosure.

Bipole Speaker Enclosure

This type of enclosure has two Speakers facing opposite to each other. This type of enclosures is great for creating excellent room reflections and directing sound towards the listener and providing a magnificent experience.

Speaker’s placement doesn’t matter at all; instead, what matters is just not to place them on the wall. The only clampdown in this type of enclosure is since there are so many reflections are occurring, mostly phase cues are lost.

Car Subwoofers to Home Subwoofers

Car subwoofers can be converted to Home subwoofers, but they may not be as efficient as Home subwoofers. Subwoofers are a crucial part of the Sound System and need focus. 

Some reasons make Car subwoofers different than Home subwoofers:

  • Car subwoofers are made for smaller space so they won’t provide the same relishing experience as they do in cars.
  • As they are designed for the automotive cabin where bass or low frequencies are enhanced due to less space.
  • And your living room is definitely quite bigger they won’t provide the same experience.
  • Car subwoofers are designed for a harsh environment like temperature, vibrations, etc. whereas Home subwoofers are simply intended for casual conditions.
  • Car subwoofers look relatively better than Home subwoofers.


As I told you in the beginning that it is a difficult task to perform. Still, if you’re passionate and energetic enough as it requires, then I have told you in the most possible easiest manner so that you can comfortably and effortlessly attempt to turn your Car Speakers to Home Speakers.

We always need to touch the boundaries, and sometimes you need to cross them to make better changes, so I hope my article will help improve your Sound production of Home Theater.

Thank you for Reading!

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