How Much Does It Cost To Replace Car Speakers

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Car Speakers?

Are you thinking about changing your Old Car Stereo System? Are you confused about what choice should be taken?

At Car Stereo Player, I’m aiming to provide you the best possible Car Stereo System that can produce amazing sound at the reasonably Lowest possible price, allowing you to transform your driving experience fully. 

So, how much does it cost to replace Car speakers?

I’m here to divide the price range of the different Car sound system elements, which will enable you to evaluate the total Cost.

To precisely show you the Cost to replace car speakers, I’ll consider the price of all three components that make up the sound system, and for sure there costs respectively.

Although every Car Sound System contains three major components:

  • Head Unit
  • Amplifier
  • Speakers

1) Head Unit: 

The Car sound system has developed since the initial launch of the 5T71 car radio model by Motorola in June 1930.

But today, you’re no longer just listening to Music; instead, you’re watching the videos on it. Like, watching DVD videos on screen, people do screen sharing through mobile, stream Music, and even connect any smart device through Bluetooth. 

And how can I forget the Internet and GPS Navigation System. All this entertainment in traveling is possible through Car Head Unit.

 The Head Unit is a brain. Its primary functions are providing signal, controlling the sound level, and accessing different audio and video sources connected to the Head Unit.

There are two types of Head units:

  • Single Din Head Unit
  • Double Din Head Unit

Single Din vs Double Din Head Unit: Differences

DIN refers to the size of the place where Radio fits into. DIN is a German term, and it stands for Duetch Industri Normen.

Some cars have a Single Din Head Unit, while others have a Double Din Head Unit. Let’s analyze SingleDin vs Double Din discussion to have a quiet better understanding of them.


A Single Din Unit is smaller and easy to operate while on the other hand, when you see a Double Din Unit, they are larger and quite complicated to use. Both have 7 inches length, but width is 2 and 4 inches, respectively. (Standard)


The Double Din Heads have more features than Single Din Units. They mostly have a large Touchscreen, making them very convenient and precise in the selection or control. 

While on the other hand, Single Din Units have a smaller screen, due to which you cannot see appropriately in daylight, but it has a wireless remote control through which you can easily control the stereo.  


As Double Din Head Units are bigger in size, they provide better user experience by permitting GPS Navigation, Camera options, Bluetooth, integration with Smartphone apps, and many more.

No doubt Double Din models are better in terms of features, but Single Din Units have a Diversity of Dashboards.

Moreover, they provide coherence with an easy to use control panel. These Single Din Units are still in fashion because many people even don’t want to engage themselves in complications while driving.

Cost of standard Head Unit:

Just like any other product, Car Stereo Head Unit also has variety and qualities with variation in prices.

Though, from our market analysis and professional reviews, you can purchase a Head Unit within $80-$300 expanses depending on you whether you buy Single or Double Din Head Unit.

The Head Unit of these prices will almost carry each essential component that will improve your Car Stereo experience, and you will definitely relish your traveling while listening to Music.

2) The Amplifier

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Car Speakers?

The Amplifier is a major component of the Car Stereo System.

Need- It just boosts the power of the signal produced by the Head Unit. The purpose of having an Amplifier is that the original signals produced by the Head Unit are way too weak to make the Speakers generate sound waves.

And it gives you quite a much better quality of sound by Speakers than an In-built Car Stereo System.

However, sometimes Amplifier is installed by default from the company, but as the company uses cheaper material, it still doesn’t give you a Fine quality experience.

And if you really want to relish your traveling, I strongly recommend an external Amplifier.

What are the channels in the Amplifier?

I’ll not go for details. Rather than I will briefly describe it here:

Mono Amplifiers have one single channel with one input and one output.

Whereas 2 channel Amplifier is usually used to built hi-fi systems because you will get more power and can bridge more Subs(woofers) or speakers to it and can get better quality.

Moreover, with a 4-channel Amplifier, you can connect front and rear speakers separately.

And with a 5-channel Amplifier, you can connect four speakers and one Subwoofer separately, which provides a tremendously great audio experience. 

Cost of installing a Car Amplifier:

Car Amplifiers come at different prices according to there types, which are told above.

A reasonable mono Amplifier usually goes for a minimum of $60 an can cost as much as $200.

However, a multi-channel Amplifier usually goes for about $80-$400 depends on your preferences. And some really expensive ones could go up to $1000.

3) The Car Speakers:

The Speakers are the most eminent of the Car Stereo System. It produces the sounds that get to the listener’s ear.

The speaker’s primary work is to receive amplified signals from the Amplifier in the form of electrical energy and then converts it to mechanical energy. Sound vibrations you hear in the air speaker cone creates such vibrations.

Cost of Installing a Car Speaker:

There are three different speaker variant for Car Stereo Systems:

  • The co-axial Speakers 
  • Component Speakers
  • Subwoofers

Co-axial Speaker: 

Co-axial Speakers are mostly the factory fitted Speakers, and they have tweeters, woofers, crossovers, and subwoofers all in a single unit.

These are used in cars to save space as it uses a smaller area.

These Co-axial Speakers go minimum at $20 and as much as $70.

Component Speaker:

Component Speakers are those which have separate tweeters, woofers, crossovers, super tweeters, and subwoofers. These have the Audio Sound System, which people love to experience.

A Component Speaker is usually for $50-$350. 


A Subwoofer is designed to reproduce low pitched audio frequencies known as Bass. And it gives you the Low pitched sound.

And a Subwoofer goes for about $40-$200.

Head unitSingle Din 
Double Din
AmplifierMono Amplifier
Multi-channel Amplifier
SpeakerCo-axial Speakers
Component Speakers
Least possible Cost =$300
Average cost=$900 

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Hope I’ve told you all you need to know about Replacing your Old car stereo with the latest one. Now you know what to choose under your budget.

Whether you want a Single Din or Double din head unit


Mono, double or Multi-channel Amplifier


Co-axial Speakers, Component Speakers, or Sub-woofers.

In the car traveling, it is an area that requires as much recognition as every other part of the vehicle gets.

Today, in the market, a variety of Car Audio or Stereo System are available. There are affordable and reliable systems, but there are also expensive ones for Luxury Music Lovers.

So, take a step and revolutionize your Car Sound System and make it feel like your living room.


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