There are no technicalities in the process

How to Set Equalizer For Best Bass

I’m here to tell you that how to set equalizer for best Bass. When it’s Party time and you are Riding with your friends at such moment, you really need some extra Bass to enhance the enjoyment, and for that purpose.

There are no technicalities in the process, and it’s effortless to do, and I’ll tell you the simple process to set your equalizer for the best Bass.

You are only supposed to practice this method step by step either on your Car Speakers or your Home Speakers. Given below:


How to Set Equalizer For Best Bass

How to Set Equalizer For Best Bass
  • Go for Eq settings and select it.
  • Firstly set all the values of your equalizer to “0”.
  • And now play the song having Bass or Classical or jazz whatever you like. 
  • And put the equalizer according to your need, whether it is for Bass, pop, or classical.
  • Most people want to set it for Bass, so I’ll tell you about Bass that, how to set for it.
  • Set the equalizer on Bass and increase it to +6 for the least pitch, or you can decrease it as much as you want according to what you like.
  • Now go for Treble and drop it down to -6, at which pitch will become less, and lyrics will not be that good, so you can adjust it too by increasing as your need.
  • These settings are the Custom settings you can do as you need.
  • There are some more pre-settings which you can choose according to your choice in Eq bands.
  • There are quite many options there for Sound types. You can choose almost every kind of Music Lover.
  • Like Bass, jazz, pop, classical, theater, hip hop, rock, and many more you can choose for your relish.
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Hope you got the explanation for equalizer settings. I’ve tried my best to give you the best information in the easiest possible manner. 

Now you can enjoy and relish your ride with friends and can have a tremendous party at home where you can relish with them. Have a nice party:)

Thank you for Reading!


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