How To Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amplifier

How To Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amplifier?

As many of my Friends ask me usually that how to make Car Speakers Louder without Amplifier? Since buying an Amplifier is quite expensive and most Cars don’t have Built-In quality Speakers. So, everyone goes for the aftermarket Car Sound System. 

It may sound impossible to make your Car Speakers Louder without an Amplifier. But the answer to that question is “YES,” you can make it louder without an Amplifier.

There are some simple ways you can use to enhance the Sound of your car audio its probably will not be the same as with an Amplifier, but it will definitely give a slight boost to your Sound.

Several methods How To Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amplifier?

1) Use Of Sub-woofer

An appropriate alternative to the Amplifier is Sub-woofers. Sub-woofers are basically designed to increase bass frequencies providing an even better experience. As well as providing you a low-frequency, they also do not break the bank because they are relatively cheaper as compared to the Amplifier. And this is how to make car speakers louder without an Amplifier.

They are usually used with Amplifiers but can also be used without it. You don’t need to go for a competition in buying a Sub-woofer. Just pick the ordinary one because it can provide a great Music experience. The only things you are supposed to do is managing where to place it, how to place it, and how to operate it.

Place your subwoofer where it is not likely to vibrate that probably could be the corner of your Car.

Adjust the subwoofer phase to the loudest bass or least possible frequency, and one more thing is to make sure that it is in phase with all your Car Audio System. 

Now you will probably need a professional to fine-tune your Subwoofers to match it with your Speakers, but if you can do it on your own, then that’s pretty great. An inappropriate adjustment of subwoofers will get your speakers competing for Sound with subwoofers. And believe me, that is going to be horrible.

2) Damping

One of the main reasons behind the audio issues of your Car is vibrations, which can affect your whole speaker output by adding noise.

You can use damping material to overcome such an issue. It is the process of adding insulation to minimize the noise. It also refers to Sound Proofing, and adding this to your sound system will definitely give you a positive experience.

These mats come for different areas of your Car like a door, floor, roof, trunk, etc. But the thing that should not be forgotten is the thickness and heat-resistance of these mats, and you must choose self-adhesive mats so it will be easier for you to place them.

As it is challenging to place this material on the door panels but is easier for the floor, trunk, and roof as you just need to cut the mat according to the size and install it.

You will probably just need to remove your Car’s mats or protective material while you are placing these Sound-deadening Materials.

3) New Cable Connections

 People usually think that wires are supposed to last forever. Well, they don’t. They do need to fresh up if you want a better Music experience, and as they tend to expire, the Music quality drops down and provide worse Sound. 

And when you need to change cable connections, change them from some professional. And don’t wait for them to broke and then change they internally got substandard just replace them with a new one.

As the wiring degrades, so the electrical signals do.

4) Capacitors

Keep in mind if you are installing a sub-woofer in your system, then you also need to have a capacitor. Because the factory doesn’t make the Sound System according to your upgrades, if you want more bass, then you should use Capacitors to improve the output of your subwoofers.

Most cars do not support the amount of energy a sub-woofers will drain. Essentially Capacitors prevent your sub-woofer from draining your car battery and don’t let it disturb the other vital parts of the Car, which need power from the battery.

When you play high bass music, it needs high energy from your Car, which will affect your Car’s performance, and a good quality capacitor should be considered.

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5) Replace the Speakers

You will agree with me on replacing the speakers after reading this reason. There could be a tear in the outer-cone or the inner reflexive cone, which can create a distorted or rattling sound. 

Remove the foam cover of the speaker and determine the outer cone first and look for tears. If you find one, it can usually be repaired by duct tape. Cut it and seal it diligently and then test your speakers if they are working well.

If not, then go for the check on the inner- reflexive cone, remove it by opening the screws and see if there is a tear in the inner-cone. If there is, then repair it too with the duct tape.

Now again test, if it works well and giving proper required Sound, then you don’t need to change them, but if they are not, then ultimately, you need to replace them.

6) Quality Music

Usually, an entire song we download is not more than 2-3 MBs, so when the quality of the Music in not better, then one cannot expect a quality sound experience from our speakers and subwoofers.

No matter what source your Music is running from, the only thing matters is its quality. Even if you’re streaming online, just stick to services that provide a higher resolution.

7) Equalizer

The principal thing you should consider is not maxing out the volume as it will give massive distortion to your ears because you’re still using an average kind of sound system which cannot bear such low-frequencies.

And the other thing is for your own safety do not tweak the receivers EQ; instead of that choice, EQ presets while you’re on the road.


Hope now you got that how to make car speakers louder without Amplifier?

Making your sound system louder without an Amplifier doesn’t cost that much and is not complexed.

You can easily make your car speakers louder by using the above things and techniques, and one more thing is tweeters, which you can install in your sound system because they let you hear loud and clear Music, and they also don’t cost much.

Always check your wiring, which usually is the most neglectable part of the Car and its sound system.

By using these methods, you will probably get way better Music than before.

Hope you have got everything you need.

Thank you for Reading!


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