Car Amp Turns on But no Sound From Subs

Car Amp Turns On But No Sound From Subs?

Car Amp Turns On But No Sound From Subs? A car amplifier’s main purpose is to deliver that extra power your speakers need to assemble bass and adequate sound. You can’t enjoy the sound from your speakers if your subs or speakers are not playing bass.

If your car amp’s turning on but no sound from subs, this may happen because of two problems like; the subwoofer loose control over the stereo, or you are using a bad RCA cable. 

If your car amp turns on but no sound from subs, don’t presume that might be your amp is defective or blown out. Just search for it and find the problem, why your car amp turns on but no sound from subs, and solve it on your own to avoid seeing a manufacturer or buying a new amp. 

Here, in this article, I will try to highlight almost all the possible reasons when the car amp turns on but no sound from subs. So, without delay, let’s look into the area you need to fix. 

Checking the POWER of AMP 

Many of us are in this situation where our car amps turn on, but no sound from subs, and no need to worry. After reading this article, you can fix your amp like a pro! 

Sometimes, your amps turn on without acquiring the required operating voltage. In this situation, the amps seem to be working, but the subs don’t deliver anything. 

To troubleshoot this, check the voltage of the amp’s positive and negative terminals to ensure that this is not the cause behind ruined subs. For a perfectly working amp, the reading should be 12-14 voltage by a voltmeter. If the voltmeter gives a reading lower than 12 volts, there is a low voltage problem.

You need to check the power and ground wires at the fuse block, battery connections, grounding bolts, or any other point in their track that you feel can get loose. If your amplifier has a built-in fuse switch, check its continuity by removing them from the amp.

If the fuse is not ruined, it will show you a reading near zero ohms on the multimeter. If the fuse is ruined or blown, you should replace it with a new one because it will destroy it. Keep that in your mind, always switch off the electrical system before installing or removing the fuse. 

Checking the Amp’s Input 

Car Amp Turns On But No Sound From Subs?

Your car amp turns on, but no sound from subs. You have to check its input connected with the head unit. Look out for the RCA cables utilized for this connection. If you have several RCA outputs in your stereo, you can check other ones.

If you are still not getting the sound, you can check another bundle of RCA cables. Ensure checking all while testing if you get a sound from your subs.

If the RCA cable is working fine, and after these troubleshooting attempts, you can’t fix the problem, the trouble lies somewhere in the head unit and not in the amp. Grab a 3.5mm-to-RCA-Adapter, plug one end in the amp and the other into your phone, and play a song.

If you can hear a sound from your subs, your amp and subs work accurately. And your head unit needs a restoration check

Checking the Amp’s Output 

After ensuring the accurate working of the amp’s input panel and being confident that it is working okay, you need to check its output as well. It’s supposed to be easier than inspecting input. You require another subwoofer and speaker for the inspection.

You have to hook the test sub or speaker to all the channels in your amplifier. If there is any defect in your amp’s output, this trial testing will be helpful. Otherwise, you have to look into the subs and their connections.

To deal with the problem with the cables, examine them visually. Access them for damages, being careful not touching them until you shut down the power. Still, the car amp turns on but no sound from subs, change the damaged wires and replace them with new ones and check if you can hear any sound from your sub. 

Examine If the Subwoofer is Short-Circuited 

Car Amp Turns On But No Sound From Subs?

This is one of the most expected subwoofers and speakers problems. If there are any metallic touching positive and negative rods at the terminal and cones of the sub, it will instantly get short-circuited.

Many times, users don’t find the short circuit right away. They know about it only when they don’t hear the sound from the subs while the amp is turned on.

You need to connect your sub with another amp to come over the short circuit. If still, the car amp turns on, but there is no sound from subs, it indicates that the wires are burned, and the electrical signal is not being conveyed to the sub. 

Examine the Cone Seal and Electro Magnetic Coil of the Subwoofer 

If your car amp turns on but no sound from subs, this is the last and most detailed test you may have to conduct. Now, you need to open the subwoofer and check its internal elements. First, check the cone in the sub and how it’s connected to the enclosure. 

Your sub’s cone is responsible for producing the final audio output by moving back and forth and pushing and pulling the air. If the seal is loose or broken, it will not show movement and produce the required sound.

Now, it’s time to check out the electromagnetic coil of your sub. If it is burnt or out of place, it strongly indicates that it is not creating the powerful magnetic field that must work together with the permanent magnet required to produce the deep-bass subwoofer. 

Before winding up, the car amp turns on but no sound from subs. Here I would like to add that it happens many times that your car amp is on, but there is complete silence in your subs. It’s not because of hardware issues but a setting glitch.

You need to check the separate subwoofer control in the menu that is present in the majority of aftermarket stereos and latest head units as well. Ensure that your subwoofer settings are configured accurately. And make arrangements accordingly if your subwoofer is bottoming out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some important questions are answered here. That’ll help you figuring out the problem.

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I hope this article will solve the mystery that the car amp turns on but no sound from subs. An amp can turn on and suffer from powerinput, and output issues simultaneously and thus fails to produce the sound.

Besides these problems, there are also short circuitsbroken cone seals, and defective electromagnetic coil that results in producing no sound from subs. You can solve it yourself or visit an expert for a smooth sound system and enjoy your favorite music while driving.


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