How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car

How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car?

Do your subs not live up to your standards? I’ll tell you How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car? Do you want some loud bass to make the neighbors move out? Have your subs been disappointing even when you tried pushing them to their limits? Are you longing for that boomy thunderstorm of bass that can be heard and felt throughout the street?

If your bass hits aren’t loud enough, it’s possible that the subs in your trunk don’t have proper shock mounts for playing outside the car.

If you want to make your subwoofer louder outside the car, you need to ensure that your subwoofer is getting the appropriate power to handle and produce quality bass. If there’s not enough power, add another amplifier to empower subs. 

Please Mind! Before installing a monster subwoofer in your car, you must check if your sound system is street legal and you’ll not be breaking any laws. 

Things Making Car Subwoofer Loud

Though speaker size matters for its loudness but is not solely based on its physical dimensions, the size of a speaker plays a major role in power handling, efficiency, volume capacity, insulation, and various other variables. 

Today subwoofers have developed uniquely with extremely small physical dimensions yet capable of deep, clear, rich, loud sound. 

How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car?

Subwoofer Size 

It really is a difficult question to answer precisely. It might not be the only factor, but it does play a significant role in producing deep, loud bass.

I must say that larger subs mean bigger cone size, which means moving more air than smaller subs. Therefore you should look for a greater cone area to get that loud sound outside the car. 

But that larger cone needs more relevant factors, like power handling, enclosure, sensitivity, etc. 

Power Handling 

When looking for a subwoofer, don’t forget about power handling. Subwoofers can be loud by handling more power due to the bigger magnet and huge voice coils that can scatter a lot of energy.

But mind it that power handling isn’t the only factor to consider because, without sensitivity, both size and power handling won’t work out appropriately. 

Remember, there are two things to consider: RMS power and peak power. Manufacturers or producers use the trick to mislead buyers that some specific subwoofers have a power of 2500W, but that is peak power.

At the same time, you’re supposed to look for RMS power, which means continuous power, less than 1200W of such a subwoofer. 

How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car?

Ported Enclosure

Ported enclosures sound louder than sealed enclosures. A vent is used in a ported enclosure that strengthens the low-frequency response. This vent amplifies the bass by taking the sound from the back of the cone to combine it with sound from the front. 

Basically, the cone of the ported subwoofer enclosure has more freedom of movement. It sounds better with a smaller amp than a sealed enclosure at the same level. If you’re looking for loudness, ported enclosures are the best to buy. 


Sensitivity is a worth considering factor, which you must not forget while buying the subwoofers. A woofer system with higher sensitivity can produce a relishing sound even with its low power. 

The sensitivity indicates the volume a speaker or subwoofer can produce from a specific amount of power. The higher the sensitivity, the less power is consumed to produce the same sound. Higher sensitivity means less distortion. 

Sensitivity is measured in decibels, and a speaker below 85 dB isn’t preferable, and above 90 dB is considered great. So, sensitivity should be somewhere about 87-88 dB for a relishing sound experience. 

Sound Improvements You Can Make To Your Sound System

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car?

  • Certain power output by an amp is required for the subwoofer. So, find an appropriate amplifier for your subwoofer. 
  • Install your subwoofer in a ported enclosure
  • Adjust the equalizer on your stereo and settings on the amplifier
  • Open low-pass filter
  • Adjust subs gain
  • Adjust subsonic filter and bass boost 

How to Make My Subwoofer Louder Without an Amplifier?

  • Position your subwoofers properly 
  • Tune or set your subwoofers appropriately 
  • Mind adjusting crossover and phase setting
  • Try using high-quality audio files
  • Reduce impedance(fewer Ohms least resistance)
  • Can add damping materials
  • Check if cables are damaged; if so, replace them 
  • Add improved heat sink  

Do subwoofers sound better facing front or back?

I know that the subwoofer sounds better in your trunk when facing away from the driver but you should watch it in the video to see how much is the difference you can get while facing the subwoofer front, back or up. 

YouTube video

How Can I Get More Bass Out Of My Subwoofer?

You must read the first FAQ, but as you’re here so, let me add one more thing to your knowledge. I know placing the subwoofer around 12 inches away from your trunk wall and facing it away from the driver. You’ll have a relishing music experience as sound will spread evenly in your car. Can thank me later;)

What Kind Of Subwoofer Box Is Louder?

I’ll answer it straight, Ported Enclosure or Box is louder as compared to sealed enclosures. For detailed instructions on “how to make subs louder outside the car” you should prefer reading the whole article, I suggest. 


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