Free Air Subwoofer

What Is a Free Air Subwoofer?

“What is a Free Air Subwoofer” these subwoofers are preferred by those who don’t want to have tight or boomy bass. Music lovers don’t compromise on subwoofers whether they’re in a living room or a car. I’ll discuss the free air subwoofer further in detail. 

You’re only supposed to read the entire blog carefully, and you’ll be able to find answers to all your questions. Without dragging this description and wasting your time, I’ll jump to the beginning of the blog, and there you’ll start to get a clear picture of free air subwoofers. 

What Is a Free Air Subwoofer

What Is a Free Air Subwoofer

Let’s get this straight, a free air subwoofer is a specially designed subwoofer that doesn’t require an enclosure to boost its performance and takes less space while it can fit in your car doors or mounted panels where it’ll acquire the least space. It works like a passive speaker. And it would be best if you connected it to the external amplifier. 

This was a brief description of a free air subwoofer, but here in this blog, I’ll discuss it deeper for your acknowledgment. 

Advantages of a Free Air Subwoofer

Let’s have a look at the advantages of a free Air Subwoofer and further I’ll discuss the disadvantages as well. 


A free air subwoofer doesn’t break the bank. You can buy a high-quality 12-inch subwoofer for around $100. These are affordable because they don’t come with an enclosure, and they don’t have any built-In amplifier, but they’re the same size and power as an enclosed subwoofer. So, if you have an external amplifier, you can save money by buying these free air subwoofers. 

Low Power Consumption

This subwoofer doesn’t work in an enclosure and has an open-air environment, so it moves air more easily and demands less power. If you compare enclosed subwoofers and free air subwoofers of the same size and power, the power consumption of the free air subwoofer will be much lower. 

Less Space

As a free air subwoofer works like a passive subwoofer, you might need an external amplifier to connect to it, but these subwoofers don’t require an enclosure to boost their performance that saves much space in your car. It can fit in your car doors or mounted panels where it’ll acquire the least space. 

These subwoofers are ideal for cars having less space for sound systems. You can easily install free air subs in your car doors, while speakers and tweeters can be placed on the dashboard.

Disadvantages of Free Air Subwoofer

While a free air subwoofer provides benefits, it also has some limitations, and I’ll discuss them here. This is what makes a blog unbiased. 

Tight Bass

While free air subs function in an open-air environment, they don’t deliver much accurate bass compared to enclosed subwoofers. They might not be the best option for a music lover who wants tight and accurate bass. 

Boomy Bass

Free air subwoofers only provide basic bass needs. It doesn’t provide groundbreaking performance while delivering the bass. It just doesn’t provide deep bass. 

Do You Need a Free Air Subwoofer

Irrespective of your audio preferences, if you add a subwoofer to your stereo system, you’ll get a richer and better sound experience in your car, and you’ll enjoy that relishing sound experience. 

No matter which subwoofer you add to your sound system, whether enclosed or free air subwoofer, you’ll get a positive difference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question/Answers that might help you to understand better. 

Can I put a free air sub in a box?

Yes, a straightforward, clear yes, because they’re all the same. Just find a right-sized box and fit it in, and it’ll sound better. 

How do free air subs work?

Because they don’t have an enclosure or sub-box, they work like passive subwoofers and don’t have a built-in amplifier. So, you’ll need to connect it to the external amplifier. 

What are the common free air subwoofer issues?

Your speaker con fails, your free air subwoofer will stop working. 

Driver magnet failure will not attract and repel the electromagnet to provide the desired movement. 

A short circuit will prevent signal and current, and it can also reduce the power that an electromagnet produces. 

Lack of adequate power will not let the permanent magnet and electromagnet interact.

A free Air Subwoofer Sound

YouTube video


There are many subwoofers in the market out there that are designed for free air mounting. After buying a quality free air subwoofer, you must have a powerful amplifier so that your subwoofer performs well and gives you some relishing moments in your journey with your friends or a life partner. 

These are cheaper subwoofers, but they cannot compete with enclosed subwoofers. They’re not able to provide tight and deep bass as I’ve told before, but if you don’t want that much from your subs, then they might satisfy you. And most of all, they won’t take much space in your car and are quite cheaper. 

Just know your preferences and requirements, and you’ll be able to choose if you want it or not. As I’ve answered your question “What is a free air subwoofer”.

Thanks for reading!


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