How Much Does it Cost to Install Car Speakers 

How Much Does it Cost to Install Car Speakers? [Detailed Table]

It is quite challenging to tell How Much Does it Cost to Install Car Speakers  Well, it depends on your budget and the quality of the speakers. If you are not on a budget to go to the professional, install high-quality and high-rated speakers, but want enjoy your new car sound system on your journeys.

It can cost about $200 to $800 for individual typical car speakers. On the other hand, a high-performance car audio system may cost more than $1000.Adding subwoofers or amplifiers will cost additional charges. But…

Before installing a new car audio system, check out the problems with your car stereo. Take a good look at where your speakers need updates. Rather these are speakers, head units, or amplifiers.

To be curt, a proper sound system that includes speakers, one subwoofer, a head unit, and an amp will cost a minimum of $400.

And if there is no budget limit, you can install your car audio system. for more than $1100. But grievously, this is not the case with most of us so let’s consider that you have a budget of $400 and $1100 

Now taking no more time, let’s proceed to our discussion. How Much Does it Cost to Install Car Speakers.

Factors on How Much Does it Cost to Install Car Speakers? 

How Much Does it Cost to Install Car Speakers? 

Deducting the Problem in Your Speaker 

Before knowing, how much does it cost to install car speaker, first and foremost, examine where your speaker is generating a problem. If there is an issue with the bass, go for the subwoofers. You can buy them starting from $40.

In case you require general installation but can’t afford an entire set of speakers, just go for the installation of front speakers. And the driver is set to enjoy his journey with these updated speakers. 

Installation Costs 

For sure, you can take your car to a professional mechanic to install your car speaker. Now you wonder how much does it cost to install car speakers.

Suppose you bring our vehicle to the technician. They may cost approximately $630 to $700 to install a car’s audio system. The amount can be varied according to your car, speaker quality, and as well as labor price. These are the most influencing factors on the cost of your up-gradation of car speakers. 

The installation expenses in a normal vehicle, updated by a common daily technician, are $290, which can also vary on where you take your vehicle for your car’s audio system installation. 

Must watch video so you’ll get to know the questions you need to ask while you’re out there for speaker installation.

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Must watch video so you’ll get to know the questions you need to ask while you’re out there for speaker installation.

The Company Services 

If you decide to make your speakers installed by a company, in my opinion, it won’t be a good decision. Some companies may offer you attractive discounts for buying a full system from them and paying for the labor, generally telling you it won’t be a better offer. You are paying for the cost of hardware, including the labor. 

How much does it cost to install car speakers? A Standard speaker installation cost is approximately $60 to $70. Component Speaker Installation costs $100 to $120. Subwoofers range from $20 to $40, and amplifier installation costs $120 to $130.

These prices can vary according to the company rates.

Investing in the Desired Budget 

How Much Does it Cost to Install Car Speakers?

A budget of $600 would be enough for a terrific audio system as you know that a good sound system contains an amp, a subwoofer, and a head unit. By considering these factors, you have to spend a minimum of $400.

It can do well for your audio system. If you want to increase the quality of your speaker, you can spend a little more on it. Increasing a small budget will drastically improve the quality of your audio system. 

I’m still at the point of how much does it cost to install car speakers. If you want a long-lasting quality audio system, you can easily achieve this target by spending $1000 to $1100.

You can purchase 4 to 6 quality component speakers with a head unit with different features, including a good amplifier, a decent subwoofer, and connectivity to your smartphone if you are low on budget.

You can use coaxial speakers but remember they do not produce adequate sound compared to component speakers. But by using coaxial speakers, you can deduct half your amount on the installation of car speakers.

Save Your Money 

Yes, you can save your money. You don’t have to spend a bulk of the money to make your car audio system perfect. You should spend your money wisely. If it can work only by a slight change, just go for it or handle it with a new amp or subs.

Do a simple update, and no need to buy a costly audio system. Save your money and buy a quality product. You can install it on your own cheaply and conveniently. 

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Factors Affecting the Installation Cost 

● If you choose high-quality or complex speakers like subwoofers and amplifiers, it will become costly. 

● The size of the speaker also matters. If it is bigger, it requires more money and more time to install, therefore becoming expensive.

● Another important factor is complexity. If your audio system is complex, the installation automatically becomes more expensive.

● If you are willing to install the speaker in a difficult-to-reach position, it may become costly. 

Entertainment Regular Price 
Labor $90-$135 (per hour) 
Subwoofer Installation$20-$40 
Car Amplifiers $120-$130 
Car Deck Installation $64 
Component Speakers$100-$120 
Standard Speakers $60-$70 
Smart Fone Audio Installation$59 
Bluetooth Handsfree installation $129


You should know that buying quality speakers with high prices or expensive labor is worth. And spending on labor is also not a bad idea because there is a clear distinction between a professional and a common technician.

So, spend your money and effort wisely to buy quality speakers for your vehicle. The process is also not as costly as you expect because you can update it for approximately $400 without the entire installation.

On the other hand, with a big budget of $1100, you can make a perfect installation of your speakers without any compromise. The average adequate price for the update with the installation of a car audio system is around $690 and $1900.

So, go ahead! and don’t worry about how much does it cost to install car speakers. Enjoy your journeys with a good sound system.

In the above article, I’ve discussed how much does it cost to install car speakers, and I hope this article will be helpful in the installation of your audio system.


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