How Many Watts Is Good For A Car Stereo

How Many Watts Is Good For a Car Stereo?

Well, when we talk about the Power of the Car Stereo System, many people leaning on to the question that, How many watts is Good for a Car Stereo?

And it should definitely be your concern because it can entirely change your experience with Audio content while you are driving.

Nowadays, you will get to see Car Stereos in almost every Car on the road. But these built-in stereos will not give you the best experience and not even all of the features. Most people these days buy an extra Amplifier, Speakers, subwoofers, and many more accessories to improve the quality and experience the best Sound.

Aftermarket Car Stereo System is way better than the built-In ones because they have better Amplifier, tweeters, and subwoofers and many more brilliant features which can enhance your quality Sound experience.

How Many Watts Is Good For a Car Stereo?

In this article, I will explain the relationship between the Number of Watts and Sound quality.

How Many Watts Is Good For a Car Stereo?

Number Of Watts And Sound Quality: Connection

When we pair Speakers with an Amplifier, the Power should really need to match, and if it doesn’t, speakers will get Low-powered or will be damaged, so that’s why we need to be very careful. 

Wattage(Number of Watts) is directly proportional to the Loudness(Number of decibels). This means as the bigger the Wattage output, the higher the Loudness or Number of decibels.

200W is the standard factory Car Stereos Power Rating! This is the misguidance indicated by most of the dealers.


This kind of misguidance can lead you to buy another Stereo and that Stereo will not be able to cause any positive difference but certainly a negative one.

And this is misleading because there are differences between peak and RMS Wattage.

What is RMS & Peak Wattage?

RMS stands for Root Mean Square, and it refers to how much Power a speaker can handle.

For example:

     A Speaker with a 40W RMS rating(Wattage) but a peak rating of 80W means as the speaker can comfortably operate with 40W continuous Power and can often bang up to 80W.

So, this means as RMS is the continuous Power on which a speaker can easily be functional, whereas peak rating is the Power up to which the speaker can burst occasionally.

Actual Wattage:

Usually, a Standard Car Stereo has about 10W RMS output per channel. And that is quite low, that is why people tend to change the Factory fitted Car Stereo System.

How to Choose An Amplifier for your speakers?

YouTube video


The Reality is that the RMS Wattage per channel could be somewhere between 13W to 18W and no more than that. And this is not too much Loud better than the In-built Stereo of your Car.

If you are not satisfied with the Sound produced by your car stereo and you are not experiencing the quality which will relish you while traveling.

So, I will strongly endorse you to upgrade your Factory sound system because it will not change the Factory appearance of your Car.

But if you really want some Bombastic, Piercing, and Throaty Sound, then you can definitely compromise on the Factory outlook of your Vehicle. 


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